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The Tint Shop of Dayton

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, The Tint Shop has been providing quality tinting services for years. The Tint Shop has an excellent reputation for providing expert workmanship, as well as 100% customer satisfaction. Their approach to providing quality service is achieved through using the best window films on the market and the management of highly experienced installation professionals.


We want all of our current and future customers to know that we use the best window tint in the market! We only offer amazing prices and quality work. We stand behind our tint 110%. Do not be fooled with other shops who compete with our prices, Not everyone carries quality film. Come visit us and see for yourself or check out our amazing reviews on Facebook.


The product lines that The Tint Shop of Dayton offers are the highest quality window films available. When tint is added to your office building or home, it reduces energy costs, increases comfort, and provide security. Window Tinting blocks 98%  of damaging ultraviolet light and as much as 82 % of uncomfortable solar heat.

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Automotive Window Tinting


There are numerous reasons to attend the windows of your car, truck, SUV, RV, boat, or commercial vehicle.


Statics is the probably the most common reason however

• Safety

• Comfort

• UV protection

• Energy savings

• Glare protection

• Privacy

• Protect your interior and belongings.

Tint your car windows

Why Should I Tint My Car Windows?


Window film is a micro-thin polyester that is designed to shield your home, your car, or any building from the intense heat, glare, and UV rays of the sun. All our window films block out 99% of the damaging ultraviolet rays that contribute to fading of costly fabrics and leather interiors of your automobile, home or business.  UV rays have also been shown to cause skin cancer and other skin and eye problems.


The Tint Shop Of Dayton is expertly crafted to protect you and your passengers from the dangers of damaging UV rays and other on-the-road hazards. The UV Shield blocks out a full 99.9% of the sun's dangerous ultraviolet rays - rays that are linked to skin cancer and other skin related problems. (Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.)

Limo Tint your car

We also offer tail light tinting and Weather Tech floor liners

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Commercial Window Tinting


When window film is added to your office building, it reduces energy costs, increases comfort, and provide privacy if desired.


Calculations have shown that significant reduction in utility costs can be achieved, giving you quick returns on your investment and savings year after year. Window film installation can also provide protection if chosen a security film product. Privacy could be add or just clear coat for protection. We have different options for every office needs.

Reduce Utility cost by tinting your office windows

Why Should I Tint My Office Windows?


It can also protects against hurricanes, vandalism, burglary, and glass breakage if you choose a safety window film product. You can experience these substantial benefits:


• Safety

• Furnishing / Upholstery Preservation

• Reduced Hot Spots / Glare

• Improved Comfort / Balanced Climate

• Reduced Energy Demands

• Extended HVAC Life

• Increased Privacy

Increase security by tinting your office windows


Latest projects from the gallery

Tint your car Tint your used car and add vaule Tint your office to reduce cooling cost Save money by tinting your home windows

New Car Window Tinting

Used Car Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tint

Residential Tinting



Residential Window Tinting


It is very important to choose a good quality product, this way you can experience all the benefits it can offer. Window film can block up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet light and as much as 92% of uncomfortable solar heat, again depending on the quality of product you choose. The installation of window film also helps to keep your furniture, floor and window treatments to continue to look like new, since it does prevent the harmful UV rays from coming inside from outside. It is a great option to go green and save money with electricity bills as well. It keeps the interior temperature, impeding the heat or cold at certain percentages according to the quality of the product, from penetrating to the glass, with this, your heat or a/c will not have to be working at all times, preventing excess of electricity/ gas usage. It is a great way to go green!


Stop glare on your TV with window tint for your house

Why Should I Tint My Home Windows?


Window film is the one product that starts working for your convenience at the minute it is installed in your residence.


• Safety

• Furnishing / Upholstery Preservation

• Reduced Hot Spots / Glare

• Improved Comfort / Balanced Climate

• Reduced Energy Demands

• Extended HVAC Life

• Increased Privacy

Stop damaging sun. Tint your windows in your house




SVG Motors trusts Dayton Tint Shop to do all of their tint jobs.
Dave Dennis send thier cars to Dayton Tint Shop.
Ken's Kars has Dayton Tint Shop to do all of their tint jobs.

The Tint Shop of Dayton’s Valet Service offers a competitive edge to car dealers in offering aftermarket services and has been the #1 choice of most new and use car dealerships in the areas that we serve. Our extensive one-on-one working relationship with the owners, sales department, service managers, service writers and fleet departments, make it easy and profitable for any dealership to benefit from our services.


We can help make any stock car look high end and sporty, including the car that can’t sell month after month. Automotive Tint can change the whole look of the car to sell!


Call us today for an appointment so we can show you how we can help your dealership make more money with proven aftermarket products that are easy to sell during the purchase of a new vehicle.

Special volume pricing offered to automotive dealers. Contact us for details.

We also Offer:

Tail Lights Tinting

Home / Office Security Film

WeatherTech Floor Liners


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